Digital Painting for
Traditional Artists

Oct 26 – 27, 2019

Saskatoon, SK

Digital Painting for Traditional Artists

When: Sat Oct 26 – Sun 27, 2019 (2 Day workshop)

Where: Saskatoon, SK (Craig Berry Studio)

Cost: $250 +GST

Using Procreate on the iPad, students will learn how a digital sketchbook can benefit the traditional artist. This workshop goes over, in detail, the Procreate interface and tools that make Procreate on the iPad feel like a traditional sketchbook but with added flexibility. Students will learn how easy and effective it is to develop traditional painting ideas using a digital medium.


  • Get comfortable with the Procreate interface

  • Custom gestures to speed up painting and drawing

  • Import and Export in Procreate

  • Creating colour palettes

  • Explore Procreate brushes and how to customize the default brushes.

  • Paint, smudge and erase tools

  • The power of layers and masks

  • Digital paint over techniques. Take your traditional painting into Procreate for a makeover!

  • Generating colour thumbnails for traditional painting

  • And much more…

Students will need an iPad with the Procreate app loaded. Preferably students should have a stylus. The instructor will be using an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

To register for the workshop, send email via the contact page or call Craig at (306) 717-9161

Digital Sketchbook using Procreate/Ipad